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the Citius Table Tennis Club aspires to instill in young table tennis athletes the Olympic spirit, offering professional table tennis training to young athletes in the Greater Vancouver area.
Together with our team of experienced professional coaches, Citius has developed a table tennis training program of the highest standard.
Through a combination of systematic training and practical competition experience, Citius prepares and supports its members on their path to become high level athletes.
Citius members actively participate in national and international Table Tennis competitions, through which our members gain valuable experience and a chance to learn from other outstanding world class athletes.
Citius welcomes athletes of all levels, whether you are just starting to learn, or already have experience, there is always a program suited to your ability.
At Citius, we strive to promote Table Tennis in Canada, with our effort we are happy to see more athletes enjoying this sport.

Citius – the professional table tennis coach.

Citius Table Tennis Club